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AKG Hortiproducts has a long history in developing and producing plant and shrub containers. We consider consistent high quality to be of prime importance. We use the latest technology to meet the ever-changing demands by growers. Aiming for better drainage, aeration, stability, excellent cultivation properties and logistic advantages, we are at the forefront of innovation.


With raw materials produced in our own production facility, high material quality and colour stability will be quaranteed. AKG Hortiproducts delivers her product throughout Europe through well-established dealers.


Customer quality

At AKG Hortiproducts you will find plant and shrub containers of the highest quality at competitive prices compared to products of a similar quality. These injection moulded containers are designed to offer optimal drainage and aeration.



Together with our customers we strive to develop products with optimal properties. We currently have several successful innovations registered to AKG. Depending on the application, we develop containers which are either directed towards drainage and aeration or towards stability. Logistic advantages can play their parts, as shown with the NevaŽ Rose pot, also the presentation advantages given by the In-Mould Labelling technique.


Quality in production

High quality products require high grade materials, a sophisticated production process and demanding quality control systems. AKG combines these three key elements, resulting in the engineering of quality into all our products as demonstrated in the consistency of ther performance.


Product quality

In specifying high quality materials incorporated in an optimal design, AKG Hortiproducts is able to produce and supply top quality products.


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